04 - 06 December, 2017 | Sydney

Michelle Mee

Director of Future’s Transport
Queensland Roads and Transport Authority

Conference Day One: Tuesday, 5th December 2017

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

10:30 AM Scenario Planning: Understanding Future Usage of Roads based on the Shared Services Economy

This session will discuss how emerging technologies will change long-term transport strategies and investment requirements for state governments. This is outlined in the session through the development of future scenario planning of shared services transportation and autonomous vehicle usage and incorporating these findings into current five year plans infrastructure plans.

  • How to set up a clear vision of what your future transport system will look like in the future.
  • Scenario planning for utilising different emerging trends and technologies – shared services economy, autonomous vehicles and how it affects road congestion
  • Research modelling and analysis – Mobility as a service, current ownership rates, autonomous vehicle
  • Demographics and perceptions to travel of different age groups

Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 6th December 2017

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

3:50 PM INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION – How Future Technology will Impact People’s Methods of Travel

The following panel discussion outlines the future of transport services and how the consumer will chose to travel in the future. This is focused around different areas including the shared services economy, the utilisation of hyperloop technology for fast trains and autonomous vehicles.

This session will be our most advanced session where 3-4 industry experts will discuss a certain pressing topic in great detail and drawing on their organisation’s journeys. These sessions will be 1 hour consisting of 40 minutes of discussion. In the last 20 minutes the moderator will choose 4 questions from the audience for each of the panel members to answer.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Michelle.

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