04 - 06 December, 2017 | Sydney

Kath Johnston

2:00 PM Cost and Causes: Changing the Way We Think about Congestion

The following presentation focuses on the need to better understand congestion, including the causes of congestion to help solve the problem. Queensland Transport and Main Roads has developed methodologies to determine the cost and causes of congestion in Southeast Queensland and provides insights to be used in decision-making across the department. With key learning outcomes for this session including how to:

·     Better understand congestion through analysing and interpreting available data
·     Calculating the cost of excessive congestion on the road network using on-road measurements
·     Multi-variable analysis to isolate the causes of congestion, for example congestion due to incidents and weather
·     Incorporating emerging data sources and moving towards predictive analytics

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Kath.

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