Managing existing transport constraints through traffic control, transport and technology

Australia’s only event dedicated to improving urban mobility and reducing congestion

Congestion is increasingly becoming an economic issue throughout major Australian cities: Sydney (the worst), Melbourne (catching-up quickly), and Adelaide (not as bad but not great). Not only does it make people late to work, it also prevents the transport and delivery of goods and services across a city. It is both a commercial and residential issue shaping peoples choices to commute to work and where to live.

This event will focus on practical case studies that demonstrate how implementing traffic controls, emerging technology and better management of integrated traffic planning, can ease congestion in busy urban centres. It will attract those whose job function is responsible for easing congestion and creating 30-minute cities.

Who Will You Meet

  •  DVC/PVC Research
  •  Research Manager
  •  Director/Head of Research
  •  Senior Research Fellow
  •  Director, Research and Development
  •  Program Manager
  •  Development Lead
  •  Research Analyst
  •  Program Manager, Research Partnerships
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